Artificial Intelligence Technology

heart AI v2The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is revolutionizing life sciences, and over the next decade, will continue to enable advancements at unprecedented rates. Through the use of AI technology, Synchrogenix has developed a solution in the area of regulatory and medical writing that truly meets the promise of automated authoring, and is also the most effective and efficient approach to mitigate risk for meeting data transparency requirements.

At the core of Synchrogenix’s technology is a SaaS-based AI, natural-language processing engine that automates first drafts of regulatory documents and redacts private and personal information in hours, with high quality and efficiency.

Unlike other technologies, Synchrogenix’s platform can adapt to any template or document structure and requires minimal training. Sponsors access the tool through a web interface and follow these simple steps:

  • Choose the document type you wish to create
  • Drag and drop source files from your desktop
  • Place into your personal queue and view real-time progress
  • Retrieve document oncecomplete, typically within 2-3 days


ClinGenuity Redaction Management ServiceBenefits of AI v1

Our ClinGenuity Redaction Management Service (CRMS™) is the only AI-enabled technology solution in the marketplace. Our technology is capable of automatically traversing thousands of pages and millions of words to accurately identify and redact sensitive information with more than 99% accuracy.


Study Report Writer

Study Report Writer is an AI-assisted writing tool that can generate 80% of a first draft within 48 hours using three sources:

  1. Trial protocol
  2. Statistical analysis plan
  3. Tables, listings and figures

Our technology allows the writer to focus on scientifically-valuable activities such as data interpretation and key message development by automating tasks such as copy-and-paste, table population, and tense. The system also evaluates data in tables to create fact-based, noninterpretive results text.


Narrative Builder

As a complement to our Study Report Writer or as a stand-alone solution, Synchrogenix’s Narrative Builder generates narratives quickly, efficiently, and consistently. Typically projects that include greater than 200 narratives per study benefit most with support from AI technology.

As part of the initial auto-narrative generation step, reviewers agree up-front on the narrative scope and layout. This initial agreement reduces the review cycle down to 1 draft. Also, data can be provided to Synchrogenix essentially “as is” in either ADaMs datasets or as raw SAS output. This minimizes the time,   expense, and resource utilization within the sponsor’s programming group.