Regulatory Submission & Publishing Services

The skills needed to confidently compile an electronic regulatory submission take years of on-the-job training, industry immersion, and regulatory study to develop. Full or partial outsourcing to a proven electronic common technical document (eCTD) partner is often the most cost effective solution, and one that gives your organization the flexibility to allocate resources to other projects.

Synchrogenix offers the following Regulatory Services:

The depth of our experience and knowledge acquired from our work with the US FDA, ICH, HL7 and industry groups is made available to our clients.

Our dedicated Regulatory Services publishing teams:

  • Guide your organization through compilation of an original submission
  • Perform submission maintenance
  • Scale up to meet changing requirements and timelines
  • Provide best practices training
  • Offer extended working hours due to regional office locations on U.S. East and West coasts

Watch our video to learn more about how our team of publishers can provide full or partial submission outsourcing services, and help convert your company from paper to electronic format. 

Synchrogenix ensures efficient, timely submissions through software and services solutions that break down barriers between strategy, dossier development and global transmissions. Through experience, expertise, and industry insight, Synchrogenix quickly responds to changes in global regulatory requirements and mandates, thus avoiding common issues that can lead to rejections.