Simplified Submission Review for a Complex Regulatory World 

Reviewers are often tasked with approving submission content and fielding agency questions, which requires referencing in-stream as well as historical submissions. Without modern technology, easy access, and a single source of truth, simple yet critical review tasks can be delayed because of under-performing eCTD viewing software. 

Synchrogenix’s GlobalSubmit WebReview facilitates an efficient and dynamic regulatory review of the electronic submission process by providing Cloud-powered, web-hosted access for all of your global activities. 

A Simple, Secure Solution with Anytime, Anywhere Access

WebReview eCTD viewer ensures easy access to your applications. Cloud-powered, web-hosted technology requires no installations and eliminates the need for IT overhead. WebReview's browser-based access is also platform and browser agnostic, so it is fully functioning on all operating systems and browsers.



Friendly user interface (UI) combined with an intuitive user experience (UX) allows reviewers to quickly navigate and search through applications.  


Dynamic opening of applications and large documents facilitates faster review. 


Easily scalable to accommodate larger audience reviews for peak times. 

Multiple Views

View your application's cumulative, sequence, current, and regulatory activities. 

Multiple Formats

Complies with eCTD, NeeS, and RPS formats when implemented. 


Reduced IT Overhead 

Cloud-powered, platform and browser agnostic web-hosted technology does not require any installations. 


Training provided by submissions experts. 


Anytime, anywhere access via PC or MAC with an internet connection.  

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery and enhancements without manual upgrades. 


Search across and within submission applications, leafs, and documents. 


Interoperable with the entire Synchrogenix Ecosystem, including all of Synchrogenix's GlobalSubmit eCTD publishing and validation solutions, GlobalSubmit RIM system, and other life-science solutions. 


Watch this video to see how WebReview facilitates an efficient and dynamic regulatory review of the electronic submission process.


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