Generate Narratives Quickly, Efficiently & Consistently

We recognize that managing large narrative projects with moving timelines is challenging, especially given the complexities that go into preparing your data for use. Using Narrative Builder, we have the ability to manage thousands of narratives to full completion, including review, in less than thirty days. Recently, Synchrogenix generated 730 narratives with full QC and finalization in less than five business days.

Through the use of our ClinGenuity Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform, we can generate 80% of a first draft of a Patient Narrative using unformatted raw data.

Reduce Cycle Times by as much as 75%

  • Use of unformatted raw data eliminates 2-4 weeks of programming time
  • Manual editing is needed only to ensure the story is focused
  • Reduced review cycles
  • One-time configuration
  • Models become more efficient as they learn Sponsor's preferences

Watch this video to learn more about Synchrogenix's Narrative Builder. 

Behavior, Process and Technology: How They Work Together to Create a Streamlined Narrative Process

Product development has become increasingly complex and multi-layered. Using our thirty plus years of experience in authoring and review of large patient narrative projects, we've created a centralized, truly cross-functional patient narrative authoring paradigm.

Substantial time and cost efficiencies require strategic re-thinking of established paradigms, bridging of functional lines, and creation of new technology-enabled approaches across the framework.

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See how we've used an example of a large narrative project to demonstrate the transformative power of our three-part approach focused on:

  • Implementation of innovative technology to alleviate the burden of manual manipulation
  • Focus on the removal of silos
  • Appropriate process changes
Patient narratives white paper

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