Technology for the New Age of Narrative Writing

We recognize that managing large narrative projects with moving timelines is challenging, especially given the complexities that go into preparing your data for use. With Narrative Builder, we can manage thousands of narratives to full completion, including review, in a fraction of the time. 

Using Narrative Builder

  • Create custom project templates with ease
  • Re-use narrative sections and/or templates from previous projects
  • Apply datasets to projects and preview that patient's data populated in your template sections in real-time during drug development
  • Eliminate the need to rely on programmed patient listings as sources for narratives
  • Gain efficiency, quality and consistency across your narrative set

Additional Features

  • Templates can be developed/tested with pre-Database Lock data with no additional work required using post-Database Lock data
  • Writers are empowered to create and manage the projects without reliance on programming teams
  • Cloud hosted system via Amazon's Web Services
  • Fully validated environment ensuring compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

Sources Needed

  • CDISC or ADaMs datasets from clinical database
  • CIOMS reports in CSV format from safety database

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